With team work, honesty, integrity and indomitable spirit to achieve set goals, we are poised to develop high quality products that enhance the value of life. That is our mission.

We have a formidable team of men and women who within the span of their lives have dedicated themselves and worked hard to ensure that they have their marks on the "sands of time". Those who against militating odds have made positive contributions and pushed the frontiers of chosen careers one step forward.

Despite the cacophony brought about by poor management of the economy, these men and women are very zealous and adequately prepared to take the bull by the horn to establish and nurture vital polymeric industries of distinction.

It is our commitment to develop for this generation and for posterity, utilizing the results of sound scientific research to produce in a sustainable manner, intermediate chemical products of very high quality that will transform finished products of local industries in this vertical block to unimaginable high level comparable to those of the industries in the advanced world.